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Melvin Foo
2 min readJan 17, 2022


About this space:

This blog is for me to share weekly the best thoughts I have. This can be related to startups, businesses, productivity, philosophy, books or economics, life in general. Whatever I’m thinking the most about for the past week.

I would be obsessively be learning about whatever interests me and will attempt to compress everything down into simple-to-understand articles.

As I change and go into different phases of my life, my content will also change. Whenever I detect a big change in the topic I’m covering, I will be sure to announce it.

About me:

I identify as a technologist.

My interests are in exploring the latest technology with a startup and businesses slant.

However, I will also be writing about life in general as I strongly believe in a balanced life. Even though a career is important, it is only a small slice of a larger whole.

I’m in the old gen- z, young millennial. Right in the transition zone. I think I’m uniquely positioned to comment on these social trends.

How frequently will I publish:

I will try to commit to a weekly schedule. I am also committing to this publicly so I force myself to write a weekly article.

Why am I doing this:

Simplifying and compressing complicated topics for others

  1. So that people don’t need to fall into the same pitfalls as me.
  2. Save people time
  3. Help people consider more sides of an issue

Personal Goals

  1. To personally get better at written communication
  2. As a weekly personal blog for my thoughts on topics
  3. As a process to help me consolidate and process my thoughts.



Melvin Foo

Interested in startups, business, technology, design, self-improvement, learning and reading. Founder of Whizz Mobility